ikonka oferty

Atlassian Partnership

We are a company with years of experience in consulting, development and implementing solutions tailored to the needs of our Clients. We focus on team collaboration and business agility which can be easily achieved by using Atlassian solutions. With unique knowledge, services and products, we work with Atlassian to help Clients unleash their true potential.

As Atlassian Solution Partner, we provide consulting, administrative and implementation services helping customers to successfully adopt Atlassian products from small implementations to comprehensively customized end-to-end solutions. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in the integration of Atlassian services with existing Customer’s infrastructure and the creation of personalized add-ons extending the functionality of Atlassian systems. Our consulting services and tailor-made solutions perfectly complement the Atlassian offer by meeting the high requirements of our Clients.

ikonka oferty

eZee Worklog

We are making our projects with passion and professional approach. This approach consists of proper team, well designed development and requirement management methodologies. In our team beside developers we have testers, analysts and UI experts to ensure that we can deliver high end solutions. In order to take our partnership with Atlassian one step further, we’ve decided to develop a user friendly Jira add-on.

Our efforts resulted in the creation of a time tracking assistant which is a simple straightforward gadget that allows users to track issues and log time directly from Jira Dashboard. Users with our gadget at their disposal are able to focus more on Their daily tasks rather than spend time trying to keep track of what they were doing during the day.
You can find our add-on here :

eZee Worklog add-on can track all Your issues in one place without a need to navigate to each of them. It provides detailed information on every tracked issue even redirect user directly to the issue details page with a single click. Above everything else our add-on is completely free of charge. The application is available for JIRA in the Cloud version and Server on the Atlassian Marketplace platform.

We welcome everybody to contribute in plugin’s further development, we’ve provided community page where users can post valuable feedback and receive answers for difficult questions :