About us

Eyzee has been on the market for nearly five years. During this time, we have managed to create an organization of almost 100 people that supports clients’ business by building and implementing IT solutions that allows their business to accelerate. We operate in selected fields and sectors, including telecommunications, banking and public administration. Our experience allows us to quickly adjust to our clients’ needs and new business ventures.

We work with our clients in various models depending on their needs: bodyleasing, team leasing, projects implemented by Eyzee from A to Z. As external partners, we can quickly and accurately assess which areas require change and propose appropriately chosen solutions in terms of costs and effectiveness. We have experience in working on multi-stage, complex projects for large clients. We are happy to share this knowledge, and for team leasing and fixed price projects, we utilize our experience and synergy resulting from familiar team members to the client’s benefit.

Throughout the past 3 years, we have created a brand that has become associated with high quality of services, professionalism, but also, which is equally important to us, a great place to work. Our portfolio consists of over 20 clients. Most of our clients renew their contracts with Eyzee on a regular basis. Our goal is to maintain a good brand while further developing cooperation in the implementation of innovative projects.

Our mission

We support the development of our clients’ business – we advise, build and co-create tailored, high-quality IT solutions.

Our vision

We advise and work closely with our clients at every stage of the project implementation, understanding the challenges they face. We guarantee the support of experienced specialists. We take care of the highest quality of services and a friendly atmosphere of cooperation. We create a friendly workplace and development for specialists in the IT industry, we provide interesting challenges, taking care of good communication and atmosphere together.

The managing team

zdjęcie zarządu
  • Paweł Ciereszyński


    • Paweł is an experienced IT manager and architect, focusing on the development of systems in various programming environments. He specializes in design, programming and integration of IT systems. He gained experience in projects for the financial sector - banks, brokerage houses, institutions servicing payment cards and in public administration units.
    • He takes interest in everything IT, follows trends in the IT world, learns about the latest technologies, and cares about the continuous development and motivation of both himself and his colleagues. He focuses on solutions that lead to the acceleration of IT - shorten time, decrease costs, reduce risk, and facilitate work. Outside of work, as often as it is possible, he trades city life for one out in the country. He enjoys sports and relaxes with a good book.
    • At Eyzee, as the CTO, he supervises the Software House and is responsible for setting the path of the company’s technological development and for the development of people's competences.
  • Agnieszka Grad-Kowalska


    • Agnieszka has multiple years of experience in consulting companies and IT projects in the financial sector for the largest companies in the country and abroad. She managed implementation projects related to payments and servicing of payment cards in Banks, projects involving the implementation of the process of handling a mortgage application, implementation projects of integrated e-learning systems and many more.
    • In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis and skiing and spending time with her two daughters, preferably taking long trips.
    • At Eyzee, as the CEO, Agnieszka is responsible for setting strategic goals, direction of activities and overseeing the company's development.
  • Marcin Powałowski


    • Marcin has extensive experience in leading a full range of projects, creating and managing project teams, managing budgets, business analytics, designing business processes and applications. He has completed many technological projects for public administration, he understands the particularity and the difference between the public and private sectors. For years he was affiliated with Oracle technologies, as well as research projects in the field of innovative technologies and cooperation in creating startups.
    • He spends his free time traveling and relaxing with great music and good literature.
    • At Eyzee, as the COO, his responsibilities include optimizing the sales process, implementation of the strategy and supporting the company's development. He strides to combine the AGILE approach with elements of the turquoise organization.