Privacy and Security Policy


Eyzee offers two types of applications on the Atlassian Marketplace platform:

  • Server applications installed on the server instance of the corresponding Atlassian product hosted and managed by the client. These are our server applications.
  • Applications hosted for Atlassian Cloud products provided by the Atlassian Connect platform. These are our cloud applications.

This privacy and security policy applies only to the Eyzee Cloud application.

Security Statement

eZee Worklog for Jira Cloud is Atlassian Connect Add-On (Add-On) Software as a Service (SaaS).

Data Security

eZee Worklog add-on is static and all data is requested, processed and stored on client side on his Jira Cloud (including client’s browser).

All data is stored on client’s Jira Cloud and no data is sent outside – thus this solution is totally save and secured.

Add-On declares READ and WRITE scope to operate (read/create) on worklog records and ad-on configuration from/to client’s Jira Cloud.

Privacy Policy

There is no data collected by the add-on.

Managing Security Vulnerabilities

Please report all security bugs to


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